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Anne Davies, Sandra Herbst, and Brenda Augusta: Back to School With a Little Help From Your Friends

It takes us all some time to get back into the swing of things after a summer of long, lazy days. As teachers, we know the value of a soft landing for students – a time to transition back into the structure, the learning, the excitement, the joys, and the demands of a new school year. As facilitators of professional learning, we think about a soft landing for you as teachers, school teams, and systems. Our Professional Learning Support Collection can provide you with the resources needed to plan for your first days back or your professional learning for the whole year.

The Professional Learning Support Collection consists of twelve high quality, focused, and engaging learning opportunities designed to meet your professional development needs – whether you are facilitating adult learning on your first day back, an ongoing PLC, a staff, team, or department meeting, or a professional development day.

Each of the twelve topics features:

Classroom video footage
The voice of experts
Practical and possible student-tested ways to involve all learners in the assessment process
Time to reflect and engage in group dialogue
A learning guide to support you in your professional development planning

You can tailor these sessions to the time that you have available, viewing them all at once or in chunks of time. Choose between secondary or elementary streams with an additional video for those in leadership roles. The videos for both teachers and leaders can be used as you learn on your own or alongside others.

Choose one or all of these topics:

Co-constructing Criteria for Success
Goal Setting that Energizes Learning
Success through Powerful Feedback

Using Samples for Quality and Success
Creating Instructional Rubrics for Learning
Evaluation and Reporting
Beginning with the End in Mind
Planning Reliable and Valid Evidence
Collecting Evidence of Learning
Engagement and Ownership
Self- and Peer Assessment
Students Communicating Evidence of their Learning

Our gift to you this month are two short clips from the Professional Learning Support Collection, one with Anne Davies (Engagement and Ownership) and one with Sandra Herbst (Self- and Peer Assessment)

Sign up for the draw: the winner will receive two-day access to the topic of his/her choice from the list above.

Call 1-800-603-9888 or email Laura ( to receive your three-month access to these resources.

All our best,

Brenda, Anne, and Sandra