Privacy Policy

Personal information

When you order products from us we require your name (if a company, we will also need the name of a contact person), address (shipping and billing), telephone number (work and home), fax number, and e-mail address.


When you place an order with us or request our services, we accept your action as implied consent to use your personal information for the purposes outlined below. You may withdraw your consent at any time by mailing a written request to:

Privacy Compliance Officer
2449D Rosewall Crescent
Courtenay, BC, Canada V9N 8R9

Uses of information

We, including our affiliate companies, Classroom Connections International Incorporated and International Assessment Consortium, will use your personal information only to provide products and services which you have requested, for the provision of back office administrative services (invoicing, mailing statements, and record keeping) and to keep you informed of any new products or services that we believe may be of particular interest to you.

Employee commitment

Every one of our employees signs an agreement of commitment to ensuring your personal privacy. Only those employees directly involved in filling orders, invoicing and marketing will ever have access to your information.

Third party commitment

Your personal information will never be sold or traded to another business. Occasionally we will contract with a reputable mailing house to send product announcements or other information that we think may interest you. When we do so, we will ensure the company we deal with shares the same high standard of protecting your privacy that we maintain and all data files will remain the property of Building Connections Publishing Incorporated.


We will keep your personal information only as long as it is relevant. Generally, once your account has been dormant for more than two years, your personal information will be removed from our database. While we are obliged to keep financial records for seven years, these archived records will not be used for marketing purposes.


We store your information on secure computers which are protected by a firewall and accessed only by the individuals directly responsible for shipping, invoicing, and marketing. Paper files are also kept in a secure storage area with the same limited access.

Destruction of information

When it comes time to destroy personal data records, all digital versions will be permanently deleted and/or physically destroyed and paper versions will be thoroughly shredded or incinerated. We will take every conceivable precaution to ensure that your personal information will never leave this office. We take this commitment very seriously.


Persistent Client-State HTTP Cookies are files containing information about visitors to a web site. This information is provided by the user during the first visit to a web server. The server records this information in a text file and stores the file on the visitor’s hard drive. When the visitor accesses the same web site again the server looks for the cookie and configures itself based on the information provided.

We do not and will not use cookies to gain information from your hard drive or to access your personal information. You may choose not to accept cookies on your computer by changing options on your web browser, however this may adversely affect your Internet experience.

Your recourse

If you would like your name removed from our database or if you have any questions or concerns regarding our handling of your personal information, please send them by regular post to:

Privacy Compliance Officer
2449D Rosewall Crescent
Courtenay, BC, Canada V9N 8R9

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