Sandra Herbst

Sandra Herbst

Sandra Herbst



   • system leadership authority
   • assessment for learning author
   • gifted facilitator


Sandra Herbst is a noted system leader, author, speaker, coach, consultant, and educator with extensive experience in leadership, systems thinking, adult learning, and assessment. Sandra has helped jurisdictions, districts, and schools to reflect on current actions, identify long-term aspirations, and plan strategically for next steps, regardless of the focus of educational innovation.

Sandra’s expertise, informed by wide-ranging practice and research, is enhanced by her compassion and humour. She has worked in both elementary and secondary schools as a classroom and specialty teacher, school administrator, and program consultant. Sandra is the former superintendent of the second-largest school district in Manitoba and a past President of the Manitoba Association of School Superintendents and the Manitoba ASCD Affiliate.

As a facilitator of workshops, web conferences, and Institutes across North America and internationally and as an executive coach, Sandra provides educators with a framework to help meet the diverse needs of student and adult learners. She engages in long-term projects that include cycles of co-teaching and co-planning. It is through these interactions that Sandra conveys her vision and passion for public education; she is a charismatic and highly energetic speaker and leader who is deeply committed to seeing the educational system contribute to the democracy of our communities.

Sandra is co-author (with Anne Davies and Brenda Augusta) of our newest resource, Collecting Evidence and Portfolios: Engaging Students in Pedagogical Documentation, published in June, 2017. Sandra and Anne Davies co-authored Grading, Reporting, and Professional Judgment in Elementary Classrooms (2016) as well as A Fresh Look at Grading and Reporting in High Schools (2014). Also in 2014, The Curriculum Journal published a research report, “System Leaders Using Assessment for Learning as Both the Change and the Change Process: Developing Theory From Practice,” an 11 year longitudinal study that focused on system leadership that Sandra wrote with three colleagues. She is a co-editor (with Kathy Busick and Anne Davies) of Quality Assessment in High Schools: Accounts from Teachers (2013). In 2012, Sandra co-authored the Leaders’ Series: Transforming Schools and Systems Using Assessment: A Practical Guide and Leading the Way to Assessment for Learning: A Practical Guide with Anne Davies and Beth Parrott Reynolds. Currently, she has several other works in progress.

Sandra Herbst – Transforming Assessment

Sandra Herbst

A membership site for educators to learn about assessment for learning and access teaching and learning resources for teachers as well as leaders in schools and elementary as well as secondary classrooms.

Sandra Herbst
Facilitating Adult Learning
TRANSFORMING LEADERSHIP, TRANSFORMING ASSESSMENT, TRANSFORMING INSTRUCTION, TRANSFORMING REPORTING. Leaders know the work is never done – but what’s important is moving towards success, purposely and thoughtfully, while making a greater difference for more and more learners along the way. Research repeatedly shows that involving students in the assessment process has the greatest impact on student learning and achievement ever documented. We learn when we have opportunities to think, to talk with others, to make mistakes (and not be penalized for them), to explain and articulate the reasons for our choices, to try alternate approaches. Changes to reporting provide transformative opportunities for teachers, schools, and school systems. Learners need multiple opportunities to show proof of learning in a variety of ways. A membership site for educators to learn about assessment for learning. Access teaching and learning resources for teachers as well as leaders in schools and elementary as well as secondary classrooms.

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