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The essential components of Grading, Reporting, and Professional Judgment in Elementary Classrooms both model and mirror effective practice:

  • preparing for learning, teaching, and assessment;
  • engaging students in assessment in support of their learning; and
  • reporting the learning to others.

There is no single right answer, but rather many right ones that respect the structure of each unique subject area, support student learning and achievement, communicate effectively with a range of audiences, and fulfill our required legal and regulatory responsibilities.

After the book A Fresh Look at Grading and Reporting in High Schools was published, many educators asked when the elementary edition would be available. This book was written in response to these requests and arises from the important work of transforming classroom assessment. It results from many years of working alongside elementary teachers, as well as school and system leaders. These student-, teacher-, administrator-, and parent-tested ideas will help you find your way to grading and reporting processes that are both possible and practical – not just during report card time, but all year long.