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Authors: Brenda Augusta and Karen Cross

Foreword by Sandra Herbst

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This book is a practical guide to applying the big ideas of assessment to the teaching of physical education. Using stories, samples, and many practical ideas, the authors show us how to:

  • Identify a clear learning destination for units of instruction
  • Collect and consider evidence of learning
  • Provide multiple descriptions of quality
  • Give feedback that encourages, guides, and inspires learners
  • Involve students in self- and peer assessment

Written with an audience of Kindergarten to Grade 8 physical educators in mind, this book is for physical education specialists, classroom teachers with responsibility for teaching physical education, and school and system-based leaders.

Making Physical Education Instruction and Assessment Work is the second in a series of books about looking at instruction through new eyes and, because teaching and learning are two sides of the same coin, refreshing student learning.