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We serve today’s Leaders in Education….

For twenty-five years connect2learning’s team has served leaders like you, today’s educational leaders, to help you meet the emerging learning needs of your colleagues and your students.

Whether you lead a system of hundreds of schools, lead a school with many faculty and thousands of students, we have resources to help you plan effective ways to support adult learning while transforming teaching, instruction, assessment, and evaluation.

The leaders with whom we currently work and those we have worked with are in every province and territory in Canada, many states in the United States and in countries around the world.

Our clients give us rave reviews. They tell us how different we are from other experts.  They are amazed when they realize we actually listened during the planning conversations. They are astounded when they realize we have read their policy documents and have knowledge of the latest research and theory. And, most clients ask us to return again and again – some for more than twelve years – in order to walk alongside them in order to ensurce their entire system transforms.

Before working with a client, we do an informal needs assessment. A staff member will ask you some basic questions about your needs and then, if Dr. Anne Davies, Sandra Herbst, or Brenda Augusta have time available, a conference call will be scheduled with you and your leadership team to plan a first session. Once a connect2learning associate has worked with you and your leadership team, subsequent work will be scheduled as needed to meet your needs. If time is not available for the upcoming year or two, then you can ask to be added to our waiting list. Or, you might choose to begin with taking a team to an event being offered in your area or perhaps select a resource with which to begin your learning.

Our People are Canadian Leaders in Education...

Dr. Anne Davies, President, has worked with many, many systems at home in Canada and internationally over many years to transform classroom assessment. Her research in this area is often cited in provincial policy documents. Educators refer to her research, books and learning opportunities with her that transformed their practices with learners. More and more universities are using her resources in pre-service and graduate coursework. You can learn more about Anne here.

Sandra Herbst, Senior Associate, brings a depth of experience resulting from her leadership roles at the system and school level. In her system leadership roles and as President of Manitoba Association of School Superintendents, she worked with provincial and national leaders to improve public education. For the past several years she has been guiding schools and systems across Canada to transform leadership and assessment in the service of learning as part of the connect2learning team.  Her clients are fans who rave about her work and continue to invite Sandra back to work with them year after year. You can find out more about Sandra Herbst and her leadership work here.

Brenda Augusta, Associate, is providing leadership on many multi-session and multi-year projects. Clients tell us her books provide amazing guidance as they undertake to reinvent writing instruction, transform teaching and assessment and undertake school side learning initiatives. Most recently she is working across the Northwest Territories to develop writing continua that reflect the diversity of context and multiple indigenous languages. You can find out more about Brenda and her work here.

Karen Cross is the newest Associate to join the connect2learning team. Karen, an educator with more than three decades of experience, co-authored the book, Making Physical Education Instruction and Assessment Work, with Brenda Augusta. You can read more about Karen Cross and her work here.

Anne Davies, Ph.D.

Sandra Herbst

Brenda Augusta

We design unique learning experiences….

Our people at connect2learning take pride in designing learning experiences and ongoing learning projects that reflect the latest research, learning theory, and most current classroom-tested practices in the area of instruction, assessment, evaluation and leadership.

They work extra hard because they believe education clients face unique challenges. As a result, no two learning experiences are the same. Because a client’s learning is always unique the learning design must be different. The same is true for ongoing project work. No two projects are the same because the context for the project is necessarily unique reflecting local policy and practices for each client.

We are prepared to continue to work with you over years designing YOUR next learning experiences and projects. We consider YOUR barriers rather than the ones that emerged last year in a different context. We have the experience and we commit to help you make a difference in YOUR context.

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