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Deepening our understanding of quality classroom assessment is essential if learning is to be maximized. Anne Davies and Sandra Herbst have collaborated to bring you this amazing collection of resources to support your studies.

We’ve invested the time and the resources to provide you with powerful classroom footage to illustrate the ideas being taught in today’s classrooms with today’s complex learners. Each and every section has powerful ideas to explore and to promote learning that is relevant to you. In order to complement your course design, the content is divided into twelve chunks and organized around key topics related to powerful assessment practices. In each section there are materials to support your adult students’ needs and learning preferences. For every topic they can choose to access important assessment information by choosing to READ, to VIEW, to LISTEN, and/or to DO. These resources can be like a ‘flipped classroom,’ which gives students time to learn when it suits them and their busy lives while allowing you, the course instructor, to focus on learning rather than spending time preparing for students to learn.

So whether you are teaching Professional Studies (Secondary or Elementary) or supporting the learning of Graduate students exploring leadership through the lens of assessment, these resources are designed for you.

To access these resources, please contact your University advisor for information and passwords. Or, if you are a university professional or instructor, contact us through email or telephone 1 800 603 9888 for information on how you can make resources available to your Graduate and Undergraduate students.


Professional Learning Support Collection


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with Anne Davies & Sandra Herbst

Join us for this unique learning opportunity designed for educators and leaders. These topics are designed to meet your needs for this school year. Whether you have a partial or a full day of learning, these opportunities are perfect! Choose between secondary or elementary streams. Each stream features practical, immediately useable ideas for classrooms.

In these sessions, participants will:

  • consider ways to involve all learners in the assessment process
  • reflect on the learning and make connections by engaging in reflection and group dialogue
  • leave with practical strategies for deepening their work with learners

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Contact Laura at 1.800.603.9888 or laurac@connect2learning.com  for pricing for your school or system.