Topic 12 – Professional Learning Support Collection

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Topic 12
Students Communicating Evidence of their Learning

As part of the learning process, teachers involve students in communicating evidence of their learning to others. They seek feedback for themselves and inform others of the learning that has taken place. This can have many looks: informal communication such as students sharing work samples with parents at home, online, or at school or formal processes such as student–led, student–involved, or student–parent–teacher conferences. During this learning opportunity, you and your colleagues will learn ten easy ways to involve students in communicating ongoing evidence of their learning to others, either in or out of school.

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Choose one, two, three, or all four of these sessions.

Secondary Teachers – 33:55 minutes
Secondary Leaders – 44:11 minutes

Elementary Teachers – 44:16 minutes
Elementary Leaders – 54:32 minutes

In every session, participants will…

• Learn more about the classroom assessment process
• Make connections by engaging in reflection and group dialogue
• Leave with practical strategies for deepening work with all learners

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