Sandra Herbst


Sandra Herbst

  • systems leadership authority
  • assessment for learning author
  • gifted facilitator

Sandra Herbst, pictured here teaching at a conference in New Zealand, is a noted system leader, author, speaker, coach, consultant, and educator with extensive experience in assessment, leadership, and adult learning.

Sandra’s expertise, informed by wide-ranging practice and research, is enhanced by her compassion and humour. She has worked in both elementary and secondary schools as a classroom and specialty teacher, school administrator, and program consultant. Sandra is the former assistant superintendent of the second-largest school district in Manitoba and a past President of the Manitoba Association of School Superintendents and the Manitoba ASCD Affiliate.

As a facilitator of workshops, web conferences, and Institutes across North America and internationally, Sandra provides teachers and leaders with strategies and methods to help meet the diverse needs of learners. She engages in long-term projects with school systems including co-teaching and co-planning with teachers. Sandra models strategies through demonstration lessons with students in their classrooms. Through these events and interactions, Sandra has conveyed her vision, humour, and passion to thousands of teachers and has followed up with many of them to assess and learn from their experiences.

Sandra is co-author (with Anne Davies and Beth Parrott Reynolds) of two books: Transforming Schools and Systems Using Assessment: A Practical Guide (2012), and Leading the Way to Assessment for Learning: A Practical Guide (2012). She has several more works in progress in the areas of leadership and assessment.
As Sandra works with schools, systems, and organizations, whether in person or online, she tailors her work to meet the learners’ needs. She is a charismatic and highly energetic speaker and leader who is deeply committed to seeing the educational system contribute to the success of all learners.

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