First Things First: Go Slow to Go Fast

April 29, 2019 A principal said, after watching teachers across early, middle, and senior years share their portfolios with one another, “I have just realized that this is our first time talking about why we have students create portfolios. We launched into ‘the...

Finding the Truth

January 31, 2019 Rob Hadath, when asked about assessment and reporting in his high school mathematics class said, “Now when I look to assessment, I look at it more as just finding the truth. What is the true ability of the student and how can I most accurately reflect...

Do We Give Up The Carpet Too Soon?

As we planned the lessons and considered the physical layout of each classroom we asked, “How might we best to use the space to meet our instructional goals?”

Portfolios: Digital or Paper?

Reflecting on our recent two-day Institute in Ajax, Ontario that was inspired by our latest publication, Collecting Evidence and Portfolios: Involving Students in Pedagogical Documentation.

You’re The Best!

What if you took some time to celebrate what worked so well for you and your students this year…