December 31, 2021


During an online gathering of family over the holidays, one of my cousins said that his son was going to require an IEP in the new year in order to “catch up”. Another cousin immediately asked, “What is an IEP?” A few of us chimed in with the response that it is an Individualized Education Plan, to which we heard, “Educators have so many acronyms that the rest of us do not understand.”

That certainly is true. IEP. UDL. AFL. ELL. SPED. RTI. PBIS. And, the list goes on and on. In education, we can take phrases and titles, shortening them into acronyms that, in turn, become their own words. We also take commonly used words and orient them to the educational sector; as a result, their new meanings only make sense to us – for example, engagement, mindset, responsive, fidelity. 

During the last 21 months of living with COVID-19 and incredible weather events, a whole new lexicon has emerged. As we head into the New Year, we invite you to see some of these terms in a new, hopeful light. And so, for 2022…


May you experience unprecedented times of good health,

pandemic of kindness and gentleness,

Joy-filled atmospheric rivers,

And happiness domes. 


May all bombs be favourite bath products

And all variants be choices of colour.

May you isolate to enjoy a new favourite author,

And quarantine as you binge watch a new Netflix series.


May you shorten your social and physical distancing,

Preparing to pivot and be nimble on the dance floor,

As you find time to lockdown

Your newest dance moves.


May your daily attitude be one of positivity, 

As you find everyday moments that are remote

From what you have experienced since the before times. 


May 2022 be filled with a hybrid of cultures, foods, music, and encounters, 

That allow you and your loved ones to bubble with enthusiasm,

And may you trace each new contact as an opportunity

To be kind and better understand yourself and one another. 


Hoping for the best in 2022!

All of us at connect2learning