Knowing What Counts Series: 4 Books
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Knowing What Counts Series: 4 Books

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Authors: Kathleen Gregory, Caren Cameron, Anne Davies, Sandra Herbst, and Brenda Augusta

The Knowing What Counts Series includes four books:

Each book focuses on practical ways for teachers to involve students in their own assessment by using criteria and goal setting in the classroom. The authors also provide different scenarios that outline how students can demonstrate their learning to others, take active roles in conferences with parents, and become involved in creating portfolios and preparing collections of evidence. All books include classroom ideas, cross-curricular examples, responses to commonly asked questions, and reproducibles.

“Niagara Catholic District School Board continues to utilize the Knowing What Counts series to support our teachers in developing effective assessment, evaluation and reporting practices. These books provide authentic and practical strategies and resources that can be used by teachers, students, and families. The books are easy to navigate and accessible to all, whether you are a beginning or experienced teacher. The Knowing What Counts series is a must-have resource for all teachers!”

Christine Battagli
Consultant - Research, Assessment, Evaluation & Reporting
Niagara Catholic District School Board

Download Digital Reproducibles from the Knowing What Counts series for teachers and their students to use in the classroom:

11 Knowing What Counts Reproducibles


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