Brenda Augusta has been passionately encouraging and supporting teaching and learning for over thirty years through a variety of roles: coach, teacher, consultant, mentor, and author.

While she acknowledges that our educational systems require structure, her work emphasizes that there is no template for teaching or learning – there are many paths that lead to success. Her practice is to support and guide you to map your own unique journey together.

As such, she has spent her sixteen-year tenure as a consultant focusing on being responsive to the needs and goals of those she works alongside, be they system or school leaders, teachers, or students. Her demonstration lessons and lesson-study weeks provide her clients with a thorough and immersive experience, while keeping Brenda connected to the classroom, the venue in which she sees the greatest potential for positive change.

She has written several books, including Making Writing Instruction Work (2015), and has recently co-authored Making Physical Education Instruction and Assessment Work (2017), and Collecting Evidence and Portfolios: Engaging Students in Pedagogical Documentation (2017). She has also employed her writing skills in the service of clients, most recently bringing assessment for learning strategies into units of study for a Mohawk Immersion program, as well as guiding a group of literacy leaders to write a single point rubric designed to assess student writing and drive instruction.

An innate ability to put people at ease and instruct from a place of comfort and openness allow Brenda to effectively challenge assumptions through her presenting, coaching, and mentorship roles. Whether it’s a one-to-one coaching context, or facilitating a session for an audience of one hundred or more, her approach remains the same: What are you looking to achieve, and how can we plan pathways that will bring you there? Each and every session is custom-designed for the learners Brenda is supporting.

At the core of her philosophy is the idea that learning is an act of willing growth, not a dogmatic process to be forced upon learners at any stage of their development.

Although Brenda’s roles in the realm of education are many, she will always identify as a ‘teacher’ in the classical sense: a practitioner with a dedication to influence and support students, teachers, and leaders – learners all.

“Brenda is an exemplary teacher, leader, and facilitator. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and skills that are anchored in both research and best classroom practice. Brenda’s ability to connect with a wide range of adult learners, make them feel safe, and advance their learning is a skill set that few possess. Having had the opportunity to learn from and alongside Brenda, I know firsthand how impactful her messages can be. Brenda’s ability to connect with the classroom and what matters most for students and their learning is second to none.”


Jason Drysdale, Assistant Superintendent

Winnipeg, MB


“Both my students and I were extremely fortunate to have Brenda come into our classroom for a writing residency this year. Her positive attitude about writing and her amazing ability to inspire even the most reluctant student were evident. Brenda was able to model the writing process in a seemingly effortless style and she made my class feel as if they were born to communicate through the written word. Her authentic style, sense of humour and her genuine love of literacy also shone through. Brenda is a gifted teacher and I feel so fortunate to have been able to work with her. My students all agreed that Mrs. Augusta was able to get them to, ‘…write from their hearts’. What a gift she has given them.”


Catherine Abrahams, Teacher

River East Transcona SD, Winnipeg, MB


“Brenda, Thank you for being here on Monday. It was a fabulous day of learning. Two teachers came to me today telling me that they completed a lesson on being a writer and developed criteria with their students and it worked!  Their students were able to work more independently than they had the day before. They were so excited. It was a great day. I am so glad you could come to Royal School and lead our day so well.”


Lorraine Barton, Principal

Winnipeg, MB


“Brenda’s passion for the profession and her commitment to developing teacher leaders is demonstrated in every aspect of her work among us. She brings a deep wealth of experience that has been forged in the classroom and then weaves in threads of her own new learning gleaned through reading and research into important educational topics. Brenda is a responsive practitioner and always begins with the learner, matching the staff needs to the work. She shares her ideas in easily managed portions, demonstrating her thinking in meaningful ways that encourage a close revisiting of current practice so that we might reflect on our work as educators and raise the bar of our expectations for ourselves and our students. We are the richer for her open-handed sharing of her practice and new understandings as a lifelong learner.”


Ruth Gauvreau, Teacher

John de Graff School, Winnipeg, MB


“Over the past four years, my teachers and I have had the very good fortune to work on a regular basis with Brenda Augusta in her position as Early Year’s consultant in the River East Transcona School Division. Brenda is a genuine and caring person who builds relationships with everyone she works with. She listens well and is able to tailor professional learning to the wants and needs of a school. Over the many months together, Brenda captivated us all with her passion, humorous anecdotes and down to earth approach rooted in current research. She worked with us side by side in our PLC groups, challenging our beliefs and supporting us as we grew with our professional practice. Very importantly, she took the learning into the classrooms where she modeled what we were learning and then, supported us while we worked with our own students. She helped us build a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy with our students. Most profoundly, thanks to her dedication, she helped us to make a difference in the lives of our students. Brenda Augusta is simply, one of a kind, the rarest of gems!”


Nori Dehn, Principal

Bird’s Hill School, Winnipeg, MB


“Teachers and students were excited to experience a writing residency with Brenda this spring. Her knowledge of the Regie Routmann writing process, as well as her positive, encouraging demeanor with teachers inspired each of us to expand our knowledge of how students write. Staff had the opportunity to watch Brenda model effective teaching strategies using the OLM each day and then were encouraged to take what they had observed and put it into practice with their students. What a powerful week of equipping teachers to move students forward as writers! Our students were thrilled each time Brenda came into their rooms, as they connected very quickly with her and were encouraged as writers by her warmth, sincerity and humor. As a staff, we plan to continue to move forward on the solid foundation Brenda has helped but into place in our building.”


Tanis Ziprick, Principal

Dr. F.W.L. Hamilton School, Winnipeg, MB


“Brenda, I have learned a great deal from watching you teach over the last couple of years. You have pushed my thinking as a leader and I truly appreciate every opportunity I get to work with you.”


Ron Cadez, Principal

École Howden, Winnipeg, MB


“On behalf of the teachers and administrators in our Writing Project, we would like to thank you for sharing in our learning journey. You have been paramount in supporting this endeavor. With your guidance and expertise, we have explored pedagogy that will strengthen writing instruction in our classrooms. You have encouraged our group to reflect on and evaluate our current practices and demonstrated what excellent writing instruction looks like. Thank you for supporting our professional learning.”


Vanessa Thibault, Carole Rondeau & Monique Renaud Bauch, Itinerant Early Literacy Support Team

Louis Riel School Division, Winnipeg, MB




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