In the fall of 2020 student teachers will enter very different learning and teaching spaces than those I began my university teaching career with back in the 1990s.

Back then, there wasn’t even a course on classroom assessment — we did what we could in the curriculum courses. Now many universities have a dedicated course just for classroom assessment. Such an important development in the understanding of what it takes to become a teacher and what our learners need.

I was recently talking with Pam Quigg, a sessional instructor at the University of Victoria. She shared the elementary assessment course she will now be teaching online next fall (due to health and safety changes) and we discussed how some of our resources could support the teaching and learning in her class.

I asked if I could share this with you. Pam said, “Yes!”

Because Pam is teaching an elementary assessment course next fall, we selected only the elementary sections of these online course materials for her.

This is how Pam is planning to use connect2learning’s books and online course materials:

She is going to use these 5 books:

Making Classroom Assessment Work (4th Ed)

Setting and Using Criteria

Self-Assessment and Goal Setting

Collecting Evidence and Portfolios: Engaging Students in Pedagogical Documentation

Conferencing and Reporting

In the first part of Pam’s elementary course on assessment, she will make the ideas in the books come alive with 3 sets of our online course materials:

Beginning With the End in Mind. K-12

Using Samples for Quality and Success. K-12

Evaluation and Reporting. K-12

Then students will do assignment #1.

Next in this elementary course on assessment, Pam will use these 3 sets of online course materials:

Co-constructing Criteria for Success. K-12

Instructional Rubrics for Learning. K-12

Success Through Powerful Feedback. K-12

Then students will do assignment #2.

Students taking Pam’s elementary course on assessment will conclude with one final set of online course materials:

Goal Setting that Energizes Learning. K-12

Lastly, students will complete assignment #3.

In describing her assignments, Pam said, “Each year, I’ve refined them based on feedback and my own observations. Former students tell me the assignments prepared them for classroom assessment tasks.”

Then she added, “My university students’ copies of our Assessment course texts, written by Dr. Anne Davies, never appear for sale as used books! Many former students have told me how they value and use these resources frequently throughout their years of teaching. What a tribute to connect2learning for creating such meaningful, practical, and relevant materials that support and inspire quality assessment practices. Thank you!”

–       Pamela Quigg, Sessional Instructor, University of Victoria

As our conversation came to an end, I asked Pam if I could share her assignments. Again, she said, “YES!”

Download Pam’s assignments here.

Pam then had one final request for us at connect2learning? Can you build a set of course materials, including books, that my students can afford to purchase? Yes, we can!

Life is so much easier when people share and consider what is possible.

Pam Quigg is a fantastic educator. I am so glad she continues to support our new teachers.

In closing, let me shout out…

THANK YOU, Pam! Now, more than ever, we need kind, generous people like you.


PS If you are teaching a graduate course on assessment, please let me know. I can share my teaching plan and assignments with you.

Anne Davies, Sandra Herbst, and Brenda Augusta

Anne Davies, Sandra Herbst, and Brenda Augusta

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