Making Classroom Assessment Work – 3rd Edition
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Making Classroom Assessment Work – 3rd Edition

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Author: Anne Davies

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This best-selling book includes powerful ideas with simple and easy-to-follow steps. In this book, Dr. Anne Davies leads educators on the path to quality classroom assessment – the bridge between what research shows and what teachers can do in their classrooms to prepare students for their lifelong learning journey. This updated edition of Making Classroom Assessment Work offers more ideas and examples of using assessment for learning to guide instruction, provide feedback, collect evidence of learning, present evidence of success and produce accurate standards-based report cards. The thoughtful and thought-provoking framework provides a guide for teachers to follow from involving students, parents, and community members in the assessment process to evaluating and reporting progress.

Chapters include:
• Building the Foundation for Classroom Assessment
• Beginning with the End in Mind
• Describing Success
• Evidence of Learning
• Involving Students in Classroom Assessment
• Collecting, Organizing, and Presenting Evidence
• Communicating About Learning
• Evaluating and Reporting

Anne Davies, Ph.D., is a researcher, writer and consultant. She has been a teacher, school administrator, system leader, and has taught at universities in Canada and the United States. She is a published author of more than 30 books and multi-media resources, as well as numerous chapters and articles. She is author or co-author of the best-selling books, Making Classroom Assessment Work, the Knowing What Counts Series and the Leaders Series. A recipient of the Hilroy Fellowship for Innovative Teaching and a recent nominee for the Whitworth Research Award, Anne continues to support others to learn more about assessment in the service of learning and learners.

Use the end-of-chapter activities as a book study guide, by yourself or with a group, to create a comprehensive draft assessment plan of your own.

Two complementary volumes, Leading The Way to Assessment for Learning: A Practical Guide, and Transforming Schools and Systems Using Assessment: A Practical Guide are focused on the role of lead learners.


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