Connecting and Reflecting

Welcome back!

As we begin the New Year, we continue to reflect on the connections that we made during our session at the Learning Forward 2016 Annual Conference held in Vancouver, BC, in December. We were struck by your level of engagement at 8:00 am on the final day of that conference and were so pleased to speak to many of you, both during the session and after it had finished. For us, what outlasts the event is the feedback we received. A theme in your feedback was that you noted not only what was said (content), but also how it was said (design and method). This brings to mind the opportunities we have as leaders to intentionally and purposefully design the learning process for adult learners. See Sandra and Brenda’s first blog of 2017 to read more.

Over the course of the next several months, we will elaborate on the ideas contained in this introduction. We will use examples and accounts to reveal how the intentionality of our design leads to deep adult learning and change in practice.

All our best,

Sandra, Anne, and Brenda