Connecting the Work of School Leaders and Classroom Teachers

For us, learning is in large part about listening, asking questions, and making connections. As we listen to the leaders whom we serve and support, here are a couple of the questions that we have been hearing.

Question: What does research show to have the most significant impact on student learning of anything ever documented?

If you have spent any time with us at all – in person, through our writing, or on our blogs – you know our response to this question. What we do as educators is built on the foundation of assessment and the seven actions that are collectively known as assessment in the service of learning or assessment for learning (William & Black, 1998).

Connection: School leaders facilitate the learning of teachers and support staff. These actions or big ideas are equally effective with adult learners. Just as teachers use these strategies to create self-monitoring and self-regulating learners, leaders use these strategies to build a culture of learning and collaboration where teachers own the learning and change is sustainable.

Consider reading our recent blog post, Connecting the Work of School Leaders and Classroom Teachers for examples of leaders walking the talk.

To learn more about leading change using the principles of assessment in your leadership practice, consider reading Leading the Way to Assessment for Learning: A Practical Guide and Transforming Schools and Systems Using Assessment: A Practical Guide. Save when you purchase both books, The Leaders’ Series – 2nd Edition.

All our best,

Sandra, Anne, and Brenda