Transforming Instruction

Over the past 100 years, our schools have changed dramatically to meet the needs of the workplace. Historically, students were trained to follow directions and tested with standardized methods that reflected that skill. Today’s students need to be flexible thinkers to take their place in the technologically advanced world. How has learning assessment evolved to keep pace?

In 2002, Maine took the unprecedented step of providing laptop computers to all the state’s 7th grade students. In following years, they also provided computers to 8th grade students and during the last few years have begun to implement the program in high schools. “Assessment & Technology” is a video program created in 2004 to explain the changes in classroom assessment that began to take place.

How can teachers assess student learning in a one-to-one computing environment? Does the use of individual computers have an effect on student assessment? Find out responses to these questions and more when you view the video below.

As you watch, consider the changes that have occurred since 2004 in technology-rich classrooms.

“Only if we expand and reformulate our view of what counts as human intellect will we be able to devise more appropriate ways of assessing it and more effective ways of educating it.”
~ Howard Gardner

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