Intentional by Design: We use the gradual release of responsibility model not only with student learners, but with adult learners as well.

“Show, don’t just tell.”

We’ve all heard this adage, and in particular referring to the area of writing. Great writers create images for us that extend beyond the written word. And yet, like many truly profound ideas, it applies to so much more than the teaching of writing.

“Show, don’t just tell” could also be the tagline for the gradual release of responsibility model of instruction. Using the gradual release of responsibility is a key strategy in our work with students. And yet, we believe in “Show, don’t just tell” when supporting adult learners, as well. To learn more about this, please read Anne & Sandra’s and Brenda’s new blog post – the fifth in a series that began in January 2017, entitled Intentional by Design.

“Show, don’t just tell” is also a great summary for our facilitation and writing styles. As you plan for your professional learning and reading this school year, let us support you! Our sessions and books are filled with concrete examples of how we, and others, are putting the strategies and structures of assessment in the service of learning into practice.

This week we are thrilled to be welcoming over 200 educators to our Institutes in Warman, SK. We continue to enjoy supporting educators as we work with clients across Canada and beyond. Our clients tell us our work makes a difference! You might want to visit our e-store or contact our office at 800-603-9888 for more information on inviting us to work with you or to find resources that are filled with possible and practical ideas. Together we can make this the best school year ever!

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