Intentional by Design: We Build in Opportunities to Learn in the Presence of Students

As leaders, we know that the most important relationship in schools and school systems is the instructional relationship between teachers and their students. We talk and write about the primacy of this relationship and, yet, it can be easy to simply do that – talk and write about it.

Because the learning that takes place “at the desk of the student” is so critical, we often find ourselves in classrooms teaching a group of students whom we have just met and often at a level or in a subject area that is unfamiliar to us. It certainly would be far simpler to share examples and images of students engaged in learning; however, the potential benefits far outweigh the moments of doubt as one begins a lesson in front of a group of 18 or more educators.

The body of writing in the area of ethical leadership often refers to leaders who “risk their own significance.” To read more about our take on this intriguing phrase, see Sandra and Brenda’s latest blog: Intentional by Design: We Build in Opportunities to Learn in the Presence of Students by Risking our own Significance and Demonstrating Instructional Cycles.

All our best,

Sandra, Anne, and Brenda

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