Involving Young Writers in the Assessment Process

April is poetry month. Free verse poetry is one of Brenda’s absolute favourite writing genres for kids. She finds it to be a genre that is accessible to even the youngest of our writers because poems tend to be short and the focus on message – what you want your reader to feel – is so clear.

Early in December, Brenda did a lesson study week (her version of working in residence as described in the book she co-authored entitled Lesson Study: Powerful Assessment and Professional Practice) in a Grade 1/2 class. To read more about writing free verse poetry in Grade 1/2 and using multiple descriptions of quality to co-construct criteria and involve students in the assessment process, see Brenda’s latest blog post.

To read more about applying the principles of assessment as you teach writing, see Brenda’s latest book Making Writing Instruction Work.

Brenda is doing a free webinar on May 5, 2016 for those who have purchased the book and want to pose questions or share their experiences with her ideas. Contact Laura (email or call 1.800.603.9888) to add your name to the list.

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Brenda, Sandra, and Anne

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