It’s More Than A Continuum

We have been asked why we would spend professional learning time on creating a writing continuum rather than simply “working on the teaching of writing.” Our response is that by building a continuum collaboratively, we are working on writing. The process of moderating samples as a team – be they writing, math problem solving, reading comprehension etc. – is time well spent and some of the best professional learning to be had.

And then, once you have actually created the continuum, you have a common instructional tool that can be used across the school or department to help students understand the learning destination, where they are in relation to it, and what their next steps might be. At a webinar Brenda did last year on this topic, one question surfaced again and again:

So we have a writing continuum … now what?

To read more, go to Brenda’s full blog post.

All our best,
Brenda, Sandra, and Anne