Leading is a Learning Person’s Job

“In other words, teaching is a thinking person’s job.” With that statement, Charlotte Danielson argues that professional conversations should be about cognition and sharing perspectives about the hundreds of decisions that teachers make each day (Framing Discussions about Teaching, Educational Leadership, April 2015, Volume 72, Number 7). The simplicity of this nine-word sentence is striking; the possibilities that it offers are endless. But what might a parallel statement be for leaders? Leading is most definitely a “thinking person’s job” and yet that does not quite capture our most recent work, writing, and research about impactful leadership (see Sandra and Anne’s January 2015 blog postings).

What about “Leading is a learning person’s job.” These six words can summarize the essence of leading. Of course, our work as leaders has always presupposed a core of learning and that is why people may respond to the phrase with the sentiment that it is a “no-brainer.” And yet, it calls us to reflect and ask ourselves questions such as, “In what ways am I making my learning visible to others?” or “In what ways might I engage in my learning so that it is clear that my work is not only administrative and managerial?” or “How might I share evidence of my learning with my colleagues?”

Consider reading more about this in our recent blog entry Leading is a Learning Person’s Job. And as you plan for another year of learning, think about how we might support you in the important work that you do as a leader and a teacher and a learner.

We have print resources that so many educators from around the globe have found useful. People often comment on the balance of ‘big ideas” with practical and doable strategies that they can put into immediate action.

We also have a Professional Learning Support Collection – a series of unique learning opportunities designed for educators and leaders. Choose between secondary or elementary streams – both feature practical, immediately useable ideas for classrooms.

In response to the overwhelming positive feedback we received again this year, we are planning for more Institutes in 2016. Look for information about upcoming events in the next few months.

Let us know how we can help you be the leader and the teacher and the learner that you want to be! We know that there is an awesome year ahead!!

All our best,

Sandra, Anne, and Brenda

Congratulations to Shelley Lammie of York House School in Vancouver, BC, who won our June 2015 draw prize of a set of Savoir ce qui est important.