Transforming Leadership

Are you interested in Transforming Assessment? So are New Zealand educators.

I presented to almost 200 New Zealand educators via the web as an introductory session prior to Sandra Herbst and I presenting in Wellington, New Zealand the following month. Participants asked interesting questions regarding rubrics and determining quality.

One participant wrote, “Thanks so much for this morning – it really got me thinking and I was very interested in your ideas about rubrics. I think you are correct re the language, although I’ve never thought about it in that way before.”

Another participant wrote, “Rubrics are an interest of mine, but unfortunately much of what I see are almost punitive, except at the very top, and I think of Dweck and fixed mindsets. So I very much appreciated your answer as it fitted my prior knowledge.”

With thanks to the Learning Network and their generosity, you are invited to view the recording of this 45 minute presentation as a logged in member to the connect2learning member site.

To read more about the ideas shared in this presentation, consider reading Chapter 2 in (my book) Making Classroom Assessment Work (3rd Ed) by Anne Davies and Setting and Using Criteria (2nd Ed) by Kathleen Gregory, Caren Cameron and Anne Davies.

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