Relationships: Reflecting on Alignment

The ability to create a personal relationship with our students is one of the most important tools that we have as educators. As Margaret Wheatley says, “Relationships are all there is.” This sentiment has been echoed over and over again by educational authors and researchers. We work deliberately and intentionally to not only remember our students’ names, but we come to know their likes and dislikes, who had a ringette tournament the past weekend, or how grandpa is faring in the hospital. We even keep food for our students who might need it or quietly provide a student with a warmer coat for the colder weather. In these ways and in so many more, teachers and administrators build personal relationships with their students. It is part of what some term the “unwritten curriculum” and we all know of the depth of its importance.

However, a personal relationship goes hand-in-hand with and is strengthened by a strong instructional relationship with students. That is to say, we can know our students by name, we can remember things that are of importance to them, and we can slip them a granola bar. Nevertheless, if our instructional stance is one of, figuratively, standing “across from them” while standing “beside the curriculum” within the expectation that the students “figure both of us out,” then the disconnect between the two relationships becomes palpable. The misalignment is one that students can sense, even if they cannot name it.

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