Triangulation: I Understand the “Why,” Now Please Tell Me the “When”

In the last four weeks and across several provinces, there is one question that is being asked over and over again – “I know that it is a good idea to gather evidence of student learning from more than products, but when does it make sense to gather evidence from observations and conversations?” Maybe this question is surfacing as a result of impending mid-semester report cards or perhaps it is because curricular redesign is resulting in a renewed focus on triangulated evidence. Whether it is because of these reasons or something else, it is a question worth asking and one worth thinking more about.

To find out about how I have responded to this question, consider reading my recent blog posting, Triangulation: I Understand the “Why,” Now Please Tell Me the “When.” Posing questions is evidence of uncertainty and it is in that stance that we can inquire and learn together. If you have questions and things that you have been wondering about as it relates to assessment, evaluation, and/or reporting – whether you are a teacher or a leader – you might want to join my partners, Anne Davies and Brenda Augusta, and I at one of our Institutes this summer.

We have just added a fourth Institute in partnership with our colleagues from the Sudbury Catholic School Board. This Institute will have a practical focus on ways to involve students in co-constructing and using success criteria, engaging in self- and peer assessment, setting meaningful learning goals, and communicating learning to others. And as is the case with all of our Institutes, they can help you get ready for the new school year ahead! There are always bunches of opportunities to ask the questions that you want to learn more about! See you there!

All our best,

Sandra, Anne, and Brenda