Using Samples…Not Just Collecting Them

In early September, Brenda shared an experience with colleagues on the Louis Riel School Division Literacy Team in Winnipeg that reminded her of the value in taking the time to think deeply and collaboratively about things you’ve already done – before you DO something else.

In May of the last two years, this team asked schools in their writing project to do a school-wide write on various grade level specific topics, something many of you also do. Grade level teachers identified typical samples that were then deconstructed by teachers working in vertical teams. Charts were created that described what was present in the work, and what the writer was able to do.

Before jumping into the work of this year, the team paused to review this baseline data and to consider what it might be telling them. Click here to read the full story on Brenda’s blog.

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All our best,

Brenda, Sandra, and Anne