Using Samples for Quality and Success

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What does quality look like? How can I describe proficiency to my learners? We know that one response to these questions is to engage the learners – whether students or adults – in the process of co-constructing criteria. This process often begins by sharing samples to illustrate quality and proficiency. However, with that understanding can also come other realizations like – I have just started teaching and I have no samples to share with my students. What should I do? or Even though I have been teaching for eleven years, I have never thought to collect samples. What are my options? These are questions that teachers often ask, especially during the first term of a new school year.
It is true that we could create some samples on our own…and yet this might prove too time-consuming. It is also possible to scour the Internet for samples to print off and use with students. And yet, these samples might not reflect the unique context or culture of our school communities and classrooms. So, what might be some possibilities?

Consider reading our recent blog posting, Becoming the Sample, to find a response to this question. And if you would like to learn more ways to use samples for quality and success, consider using Topic 4 of the Professional Learning Support Collection series. This is only one topic in a series of nine that incorporate high-quality video footage, grade-relevant classroom examples, and tips for leaders so that you and your colleagues can reflect on and plan to use assessment strategies with all of your learners – regardless if they are under eighteen or over eighteen.

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