Walking the Talk

In March I co-presented with Anne and Sandra in Mississauga on the topic of Facilitating Adult Learning. It was an anniversary of sorts, as the first time I had the honour and pleasure of working with them was at the very same location almost three years ago. That first session was designed for school and system leaders with Leading the Way to Assessment for Learning: A Practical Guide included in the participant package.

At the time I was a consultant in a large school division in Winnipeg, with duties that included providing professional learning and support to a large number of schools. As a system, we had spent ten years working on assessment for learning. In that summer Institute almost three years ago I came to the realization that I had presented the profound and significant ideas of assessment for learning but I had not explicitly modelled them in my own practice and made my learning and thinking public.

This quote from Leading the Way filled me with new purpose:

Lead learners are prepared to learn alongside others, making public their emerging
learning challenges. Though they may not have a classroom of students, they provide
a model in their own practice of the “big ideas” and principles of assessment for learning.
When leaders mindfully use assessment with the adult learners they serve, everyone
achieves more. Walking the talk requires changing habits.
(p. 13)

At the March 11, 2015 Institute, I shared one way that I found to walk the talk of assessment for learning. To read the rest of this story, see Brenda’s latest blog post.

To learn more about how leaders can support teachers and students in the assessment process, consider reading Leading the Way to Assessment for Learning: A Practical Guide available in our estore.

All our best,
Brenda, Sandra, and Anne