We Just Don’t Know How Brilliant We Are!

As educators, we know so much and yet we have so little opportunity to put our experience and knowledge to use in support of others – particularly our colleagues.

Last week Brenda Augusta, Sandra Herbst, and I had the opportunity to work with a packed room for a one-day Institute focused on facilitating adult learning. One of the strategies we shared during a break-out session is the Sticky Issues Protocol*.

The participants who kindly agreed to demonstrate the protocol in a ‘fishbowl’ setting for the rest of us were so engaged as was the audience! I also appreciated the positive response. Everyone saw immediately how useful the protocol is for surfacing craft knowledge and providing amazing support for adult learning.

If you would like to read more about the Protocol and how effective it can be, you might want to read Anne’s latest blog entry, “We Just Don’t Know How Brilliant We Are! Developing Craft Knowledge and Changing School Culture.”

The complete step-by-step directions can be found in Leading the Way to Assessment for Learning: A Practical Guide  (described on page 71 and found as a reproducible on page 166 of Appendix 2). You can find the Sticky Issues Protocol along with classroom video clips and practical ideas on our free members site.

All our best,

Anne, Sandra, and Brenda

* This protocol is adapted from Sticky Issue protocol developed by Southern Maine Partnership and found in the Critical Friends Toolbox.

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