What Counts in a Strategy Worth Adding to Your Practice?

If you knew of a strategy so powerful, so adaptable, so guaranteed to work that you could use it in Kindergarten, the middle years, high school, and with adult learners, would you be interested? This strategy works not only with a huge range of learners, but also with an immense variety of topics and in the domains of both learning and behaving.

Some of you may be wondering, “What is this wondrous strategy?” Others, the more skeptical among you, may be thinking that there must be some kind of catch, most likely that this strategy requires you to master a multitude of steps or to read an incredibly long and dense text that you do not have time for.

Not so. It is a four-step process and the book can be read in less than an hour.

So what is the strategy? It is the co-construction of criteria. To read more of Brenda’s recent adventures in co-constructing criteria, check out her new blog post, What Counts in a Strategy Worth Adding to Your Practice?.

Some of you may be interested in reading more about using criteria with your students. Setting and Using Criteria, 2nd Edition (Gregory, Cameron & Davies) is available on our webstore along with many other resources. We are pleased to tell you that this book is also available in French as part of the « Savoir ce qui est important » series. This series will be the focus of a professional learning Institute in Mississauga on March 9, 2015. It gives us pleasure to be able to offer support in both of our official languages to teachers setting and using criteria.

All our best,
Brenda, Sandra, and Anne

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