What Might Someone Have Learned Because You Were in the Room Today?

What is one idea or strategy that you are taking away with you back into your school? In what ways might you apply one of the strategies to your next instructional sequence? In what ways has the content and processes of the day informed your current role? These questions, or ones like them, seem very familiar to us. We often pose them at the end of a meeting or a professional learning session. Participants may be asked to share their thinking with a valued colleague or to write about it on an exit slip.

What if we would end our time in professional renewal by also proposing this question: What might someone have learned because you were in the room today? That is, at the end of these gatherings, we pause to also think about the ways in which our words and actions might have impacted upon the learning of those beside whom we have been working.

You might want to read more about this way to invite adults to reflect on their effect on others. If you do, why don’t you read our most recent blog entry, What might someone have learned because you were in the room today?

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All our best,
Sandra, Anne, and Brenda