What Inspired Us?

Like most education professionals, we have a burning desire to make a difference in the lives of learners. We started as teachers and leaders, but saw the potential to drive greater transformation by creating and sharing methodologies that empowered students to use their unique strengths. Today, we work directly with thousands of educators around the world, help countless others with online courses, and offer an array of books, templates and tools to empower teachers, leaders, and students.

With three decades of classroom and consultation experience, connect2learning’s highly qualified team of educational leaders has enacted positive change for schools across Canada, the USA, and internationally.

What is connect2learning?

connect2Learning began with workshops for local educators and then grew. Today, we host workshops and conference events around the world, and keynote at many more events.

As we received more and more invitations to work with schools and districts, we began to consult with clients and then, with more and more positive feedback from our clients, we realized we could help more people if we took our work online.

We also publish books, workbooks, templates to support our clients – and their colleagues. Every year, we add to this library of resources, staying abreast of your evolving needs.

We understand educators are very, very busy people. To give them exactly the resources they need, when they need them, we design online learning opportunities for our clients and have gone on to develop a full curriculum of online learning courses.


We provide innovative and inspirational guidance for education professionals who want to improve the lives of learners. With over three decades of classroom and consultation experience, our highly qualified team has enabled dramatic, positive change at schools across Canada and the US, and around the world.

Anne Davies


Anne is an acclaimed educator, consultant, author of more than 30 books, and keynote speaker. She embodies our philosophy to honour every individual’s abilities and means of expression, and inspires us with her tireless energy and relentless curiosity.

Sandra Herbst

CEO and Senior Associate

As a former teacher (elementary, secondary, and specialist), school leader, assistant superintendent, and advisor to Ministries of Education, Sandra has developed a uniquely qualified viewpoint on leadership and pedagogical practices.

Brenda Augusta


Brenda has worked supporting teaching and learning for over 30 years as a coach, teacher, consultant, mentor and author. Her deep experience has enabled her to embrace both the structure and opportunities for innovation in education.



Three decades of experience as an elementary teacher, physical education specialist, district phys-ed consultant, and principal have fuelled Karen’s passion to help educators understand the connection between learning and healthy living.


We Design Unique Learning Experiences

The team at connect2learning takes pride in creating unique approaches that reflect the latest research, learning theory, and classroom-tested practices in the areas of instruction, assessment, evaluation, and leadership.

As a result, no two learning experiences designed by us are the same. Our work is necessarily unique as it reflects the local context, policies and current practices of each client.

Many of our clients continue to work alongside us for over a decade after our first collaboration. We believe that establishing relationships based on trust, integrity, and achieving outcomes has the greatest long-term benefits for students as well as for adult learners, schools, and systems. Our process includes and encourages an open environment for analysis, feedback for learning, and ongoing improvement.

We always consider your unique needs and immediate context so the journey to increased educational successes is unique to you rather than relying on templates or solutions developed elsewhere that may or may not fit.

Our commitment is to enable you to make the difference you seek.


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Like most education professionals, we have a burning desire to make a difference in the lives of learners. We started as teachers and leaders, but saw the potential to drive greater transformation by creating and sharing methodologies with other educators.

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