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For 27 years, we’ve helped educational professionals like you LEARN and create a more meaningful and powerful experience for your colleagues and your students. Our mission is to CREATE positive change through better classroom instruction and assessment. Let us help you re-ignite your passion for education.

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Times have changed; our lives have changed. We at connect2learning are also changing to serve YOU in today’s world. Busy educators and educational leaders need the right resources at the right time. We offer a full array of options, so you can focus on what matters to you and your learners. We’ve been working hard so you don’t have to. No one can do this alone. Join our online learning communities.


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ACCESS RELEVANT ideas, timely strategies, and downloadable tools to use with your learners. LEARN WITH US… online… in community, AND… when YOU have time. Learn… YOUR way. This is a new year. We are each called to be different so as to be effective in today’s learning contexts. We can do this together. Together we are better!







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We provide innovative and inspirational guidance for education professionals who want to improve the lives of learners. With MANY decades of classroom and consultation experience, our highly qualified team has enabled dramatic, positive change at schools across Canada, the USA, and around the world.

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Anne Davies, Ph.D.

Anne is an acclaimed educator, consultant, author of more than 30 books, and keynote speaker. She embodies our philosophy to honour every individual’s abilities and means of expression, and inspires us with her tireless energy and relentless curiosity.

Sandra Herbst

As a former teacher (elementary, secondary, and specialist), school leader, assistant superintendent, and advisor to Ministries of Education, Sandra has developed a uniquely qualified viewpoint on leadership and pedagogical practices.

Brenda Augusta

Brenda has worked supporting teaching and learning for over 30 years as a coach, teacher, consultant, mentor and author. Her deep experience has enabled her to embrace both the structure and opportunities for innovation in education.


Three decades of experience as an elementary teacher, physical education specialist, district phys-ed consultant, and principal have fuelled Karen’s passion to help educators understand the connection between learning and healthy living.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

"I am amazed at Anne’s broad knowledge base and her ability to reference other resources that support our learning community’s discussions. Anne’s sessions are organized and she is very clear in the direction to take in order for us to achieve our desired learning. I am always able to take away something that I can immediately apply to practical use."

Cathy Mills, Superintendent: Prince Albert, SK

"Thank you, Sandra, for your ongoing leadership to all educators. You have a wonderful way of making best practice achievable on a daily basis with practical, creative ideas. You communicate high expectations of professional educators, yet you also provide examples of how to achieve a body of valid, reliable evidence upon which to base their professional judgment. Your positivity is infectious 😉

You have probably heard this a thousand times already, but I feel compelled to say it again "YOU ROCK, SANDRA HERBST!!"

Sharon Maisonneuve: Northeastern Catholic DSB, Timmins, ON

"Brenda, Thank you for being here on Monday. It was a fabulous day of learning. Two teachers came to me today telling me that they completed a lesson on being a writer and developed criteria with their students and it worked! Their students were able to work more independently than they had the day before. They were so excited. It was a great day. I am so glad you could come to Royal School and lead our day so well."

Lorraine Barton, Principal: Winnipeg, MB

"Our time with Anne was absolutely amazing and life changing! We were blown away by her presentation. Anne was so personal and practical with the students. My students were surprised at how friendly and down-to-earth she was. Over the last twenty plus years I have heard many educators speak on many topics but Anne has that added edge of 'sparkle' that captivates her audience! All I can say is WOW! It was not only a 'homerun' but she cleared the 'ball' out of the ballpark! Simply put... it was a gift to have Anne with us!"

Derrick Mohamed, Junior High Principal: Glenmore Christian Academy, Calgary, AB

"Sandra, a sincere thank you for sharing the day with us. I am in awe of your presentation skills, and everyone really appreciated your ‘warm’ demeanour and the ‘sprinkling of grace’ you consistently engage in."

Sharon Klein, Principal: Queen Margaret’s School, Duncan, BC

"Anne, your impact is greater than you know on so many levels. You reminded me how important it is to respect our learners. You allowed me to not only see and hear what Assessment for Learning looks and sounds like, but more importantly, what it FEELS like! Safe, respectful, self-motivating, reflective."

Lisa West, Curriculum Consultant: York Region DSB, ON

"Dear Sandra, As I reflected over the weekend on our learning from the previous 2 days, I was in awe of your spirit, mindset and ability to engage and support our learning here in Edmonton. I was greatly moved and inspired by all that you shared. Thank you. Today I went into our Division Two behaviour and learning classroom to co-construct criteria with the class on what a peaceful classroom looks like. It wasn’t a perfect delivery, but I was impressed with the student voice, input, and thinking that transpired. I believe the teacher will continue on with it and that he saw the power and support it gave the students. Thank you again. I look forward to working with you in the future."

Tanis Marshall, Principal: Calder School, Edmonton, Alberta

"We sent a team of teachers, administrators, and district staff to Anne’s Leadership Symposium. With the help of Anne and her team of resource people, we were able to develop a comprehensive plan for the implementation of Assessment for Learning in our school district. We subsequently booked Anne to come and work with us during the year. During her first visit, she facilitated the work of teams of teachers and administrators from all 41 schools in our district. Using her excellent resources, particularly the book, Making Classroom Assessment Work, Anne did a masterful job of engaging her audience and encouraging them to commit to work that they would do in the future."

Hugh Gloster, Superintendent: Central Okanagan School District #23, BC

“As a single school state system, our department has gone through many changes throughout the years. As schools are more empowered to design their unique school processes and priorities, many have focused on increasing student voice and agency through the "assessment in the service of learning" practices. What started years ago as a statewide effort has continued at the local level with the support, guidance and modeling of Anne Davies and Sandra Herbst. They have tailored resources to meet our needs and so teachers can see how the practices are doable and working in classrooms that look like theirs.”

Monica C. Mann: Hawaii Department of Education

"Anne Davies is a clear communicator with her feet firmly in the classroom; and, most importantly, she is passionate about the quality of classroom learning...Her presentations were informative, inspiring, firmly rooted in good professional practice, and extremely well received by the teachers. Many of our teachers said that Anne's visit provided the best professional development that they had ever had."

Michael Coffey, Principal: Dusseldorf, Germany

"Assessment through an Indigenous lens helped me to connect to the content and see how it could be relevant to our kula and our unique students."

Leadership participant: Kamehameha Schools, HI


Want free tools you can implement for positive change immediately? Just check back here frequently, and download an ever-changing variety of our resources. We love to share with people who love education.


Margin symbols are a highly effective and fun way for students to communicate with you. These simple symbols enable them to quickly convey their thoughts on areas of strength or weakness. Part of the book, Self-Assessment and Goal Setting, Margin Symbols is a powerful, free resource for you.


Whether you are just getting started, or have decades of experience, our comprehensive assessment planning guide will help set you and your students up for success this year. Using learning outcomes, thinking through evidence of learning, activities, tasks, agendas, and proof/evidence will help you build your own assessment plan no matter whether your focus is a subject area, a course, or a grade level.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

–Benjamin Franklin


Like most education professionals, we have a burning desire to make a difference in the lives of learners. We started as teachers and leaders, but saw the potential to drive greater transformation by creating and sharing methodologies with other educators.

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