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Parents: Understanding Teaching and Assessment in These Times

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The purpose of this course is to help parents understand the teaching and assessment practices being used to increase student achievement in classrooms across the globe.

Impactful Video Lessons
The introductory video lesson takes you into thinking about how things used to be in education and then describes them in today’s context so that you can connect more deeply with your learner and their teachers.

Unlock the secrets that teachers know and use them to make a difference in 9 comprehensive topics, selected to help parents learn more about the kind of teaching and assessment practices that promote deep learning. These topics are covered in 9 individual videos.

Enrollment: $19 for 1 year of access.

Learn at Your Own Pace
This course is available for you to take at your own pace. You might want to ‘binge’ on it, just like you do with your favourite television series, or take it a bit more slowly. This is a 24/7 learning opportunity.

Learning on the go
All of our courses and online tools are fully optimized for mobile platforms so you can access your courses and resources anytime, anywhere.

Access to the tools and resources to make a bigger impact on learners today… in less time
Designed to help parents like you create a more meaningful and powerful experience for your child.

A Fresh Look
Do we actually celebrate failure? Or, do we celebrate the success that arises after failure? If so, are we actually celebrating something else… persistence, practice, vision, talent, grit, and guts? Learn to reframe your views on assessment and learning in order to help your child succeed in this unprecedented time.

Parent Course 9 Topics

Our Mission
For 28 years, we’ve helped educational professionals LEARN and DESIGN a more meaningful and powerful experience for their colleagues and their students. Our mission is to CREATE positive change through better classroom instruction and assessment. And now, we have used all these years of learning to help you, as a parent, thrive.


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