Professional Learning Resources

In Education today, effective professional learning is personalized and differentiated. For example, individual teachers need to be continuously learning about effective classroom assessment methods in ways that make sense to them.

Schools and school systems also have learning goals to achieve. This means they select learning experiences and get prepared to accomplish important learning priorities.

Given these challenges of learning in schools today, more and more schools are turning to Assessment for Learning to help close the gap between what students know and what they need to know as well as between research-based teaching pedagogy and the practices that have been used over the past few years.

Assessment for Learning has been shown to have a powerful impact on learning and achievement.

It is no wonder that Instructional Leaders are artfully blending synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences for individuals and groups of learners on staff in schools and across the school system.

The fabulous, research-based collection of individual online courses, webinar series, books, articles, and more that Connect2Learning have developed are ideal for you to use as you support professional learning.

How might you use Connect2Learning’s Resources?

  1. You can take the lead on using these resources with your colleagues. Whether you are an expert on Classroom Assessment or not, these resources will give you all the tools you need to be successful.
  2. You can contract with one of our Associates to develop a professional learning plan that combines live in-person or online presentations as well as prepared, focused digital learning resources.
  3. You can support your colleagues to access the courses individually and submit evidence of their learning for credit and/or compensation.

The resources available are comprehensive. Below you will find an overview of what is available. You can select from webinar series designed for specific audiences, online courses that dig deeply into one or more aspects of Classroom Assessment, or contact us to build the collection or resource you need to move forward in your professional learning.

Webinar Series include:


Foundation classes

Professional Learning

New Principals

Leaders Roundtable

For more information about our programs contact us at

For New Educators

Elementary New Teachers
Secondary New Teachers


For PD Leaders

PD Leaders' Symposium


For Experienced Educators

Elementary Teachers' Masterclass
Secondary Teachers' Masterclass


For New Principals

New Principals

Online Courses include:

  • 301.000.IN – Building an Assessment Plan
  • 102.000.IN – Grading, Reporting, and Professional Judgment in Elementary Classrooms
  • 203.000.IN – A Fresh Look at Grading and Reporting in High Schools
  • 437.000.IN – Assessment for Leadership
  • 331.000.IN – 12 Quick Fixes: Teaching and Assessment in These Times
  • 533.000.IN – Parents: Understanding Teaching and Assessment in These Times
  • 319.000.IN – Engagement and Ownership
  • 320.000.IN – Beginning With the End in Mind
  • 321.000.IN – Using Samples for Quality and Success
  • 322.000.IN – Planning for Reliable and Valid Evidence
  • 323.000.IN – Co-constructing Criteria for Success
  • 324.000.IN – Success Through Powerful Feedback
  • 325.000.IN – Instructional Rubrics for Learning
  • 326.000.IN – Self- and Peer Assessment
  • 327.000.IN – Goal Setting that Energizes Learning
  • 328.000.IN – Collecting Evidence of Learning
  • 329.000.IN – Communicating Evidence of Learning
  • 330.000.IN – Evaluation and Reporting
  • 432.000 – 12 Quick Fixes: Leading Teaching and Assessment in These Times

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