In September, we worked alongside the teachers of an elementary and junior high school, engaging in four demonstration lessons on co-constructing criteria. As we planned the lessons, we considered the layout of each classroom and how best to use the space to meet our instructional goals. No matter the grade level, the subject area, or the specific content, in some part of each lesson, both physically and symbolically, we wanted:

  • Students to feel our presence with no distractions
  • To feel the presence of our students so that we could use their energy to inspire our teaching
  • Students and teacher to feel part of a community of learners
  • No barriers between students, so that they could easily and quickly turn and talk and think together
  • No barriers between teacher and learners, so that we could easily listen to their conversations and make decisions about where to go next

For us, this means a meeting or gathering space – a place where we can be in community with one another. To read more, please continue to Brenda’s or Sandra’s blog.

Consider reading or viewing one or more of our resources for practical ideas that result in a classroom becoming a community of learners.  Another option is to invite one or more of us to model lessons in your K-12 classrooms.

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