Self-Assessment and Goal Setting – 2nd Edition
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Self-Assessment and Goal Setting – 2nd Edition

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Author: Caren Cameron, Anne Davies, and Kathleen Gregory

Foreword by Heidi Andrade, Associate Professor, University at Albany, SUNY

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Self-Assessment and Goal Setting are key processes for helping students learn how to self-monitor and self-regulate their way to success. In her dynamic Foreword, Heidi Andrade details the research that is the foundation for using these ideas in classrooms. This powerful little book is full of practical ideas about how to involve students in the process of self-assessment and goal setting. Beginning with ideas to help students pause and think DURING the learning, ways for students to self-assess and give PROOF of learning, and ways to have students provide evidence of meeting the criteria for any product, process or collection of student work, this book also has useful ways for successfully involving students in short and long term goal setting. It ends by offering responses to commonly asked questions from students, teachers, and parents. It is often said that the person who is working the hardest is learning the most. Self-Assessment and Goal Setting provides practical ways for students to work harder while engaging in assessment for learning strategies that result in their learning and achieving more.

Sections include:

• What does self-assessment look like?
• How does self-assessment support student learning?
• How does self-assessment support teachers?
• Pause-and-Think activities
• Look-for-Proof activities
• Connect-to-Criteria activities
• What is goal setting?
• Questions and responses

Includes reproducibles for teachers to adapt for their own use in schools and classrooms.
Download these free reproducibles from Self-Assessment and Goal Setting, 2nd Edition:

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Exploring Self-Assessment and Goal Setting


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