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We’re teachers at heart, and we love working with our clients. And, because we work with our clients to meet their goals, our projects are as individualized as the people with whom we are working.

Our work – presentations, coaching, curriculum development, strategic projects – reflects the latest research, learning theory, and classroom-tested practices in the areas of instruction, classroom assessment, evaluation, and leadership.

AND, our work is completely unique because it reflects the local policies, context, practices and learning needs of each client.

Many of our clients continue to work with us long after our first collaboration. That’s because we establish relationships based on trust, familiarity with them and their unique learning context. These are the same sort of relationships our clients go on to build with their students, adult learners, schools, and school systems.

The relationships we build encourage an open environment for analysis, feedback for learning, and ongoing improvement.

Three powerful learning formats


Virtual coaching and consulting

You work directly with one or more of us. Your learning and support is maximized and you gain a trusted advisor.

Online Workshops and training

Our workshops are built around active learning through collaboration. connect2learning’s Associates use instructional techniques to support learning moment-by-moment. We work with groups from 2 to over 2000 in settings that combines powerful learning processes, examples from current practice and the most current, relevant research.


Online virtual and conferences

These days our team travels the world virtually (until the pandemic is over and actual travel is safe). We are also offering virtual one day conferences and stand-alone webinars on a variety of topics. Be sure to sign up to our mailing list to receive your invitation.

How Should We work Together?

We look forward to planning with you. Please call us to discuss your next projects, goals, or to answer any questions.


One of our activities: 7 actions of assessment for learning

The classroom environment is constantly evolving. It’s critical that everyone who supports learning remain up-to-date with cutting-edge teaching techniques and protocols, to ensure your instruction drives the best results – for teachers and learners, of all ages.

The “7 actions of assessment for learning” guide is from our book,  Making Classroom Assessment Work and is a cornerstone of the work we do with our clients. This could easily have been titled, “7 Actions of Instruction” guide. These 7 actions have a powerful, positive impact on learning. They help fuel instruction!

Click on the link below to get an overview of these 7 actions and how you can apply them in your context – your classroom. Or, if you are in a leadership position, think about using these 7 actions to support collegial learning and, school or school system learning.


We provide innovative and inspirational guidance for education professionals who want to improve the lives of learners. With over three decades of classroom and consultation experience, our highly qualified team has enabled dramatic, positive change at schools across Canada and the US, and around the world.

Anne Davies, Ph.D.


Anne is an acclaimed educator, consultant, author of more than 30 books, and keynote speaker. She embodies our philosophy to honour every individual’s abilities and means of expression, and inspires us with her tireless energy and relentless curiosity.

Sandra Herbst

Senior Associate

As a former teacher (elementary, secondary, and specialist), school leader, assistant superintendent, and advisor to Ministries of Education, Sandra has developed a uniquely qualified viewpoint on leadership and pedagogical practices.

Brenda Augusta


Brenda has worked supporting teaching and learning for over 30 years as a coach, teacher, consultant, mentor, and author. Her deep experience has enabled her to embrace both the structure and opportunities for innovation in education.



Three decades of experience as an elementary teacher, physical education specialist, district phys-ed consultant, and principal have fuelled Karen’s passion to help educators understand the connection between learning and healthy living.

How can we help?

Because we believe in everyone involved in education, we are always looking to provide support, resources, or guidance in any way you need. Contact us and let us know how we can help.


Like most education professionals, we have a burning desire to make a difference in the lives of learners. We started as teachers and leaders, but saw the potential to drive greater transformation by creating and sharing methodologies with other educators.

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