Setting and Using Criteria – 2nd Edition
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Setting and Using Criteria – 2nd Edition

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Author: Caren Cameron, Anne Davies, and Kathleen Gregory

Foreword by Sandra Herbst

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Setting and Using Criteria is chock full of practical ways to help teachers increase student engagement, learning and achievement by involving students in the process of classroom assessment. This book shows teachers how to co-construct criteria with students using a simple four-step process and then how to use the co-constructed criteria for assessing products, processes and collections of evidence of learning. In Chapter 1 the authors also provide five different classroom models for setting and using criteria, and show how these ideas are adaptable to any classroom setting. In Chapter 2 there are ten ways to give students descriptive, specific feedback to improve the quality of their work, while keeping them engaged and focused on the criteria that lead to quality and success. To complete this powerful little book is a Foreword written by Sandra Herbst that focuses on the power of these ideas to engage learners and increase achievement. Mark Twain once wrote, ‘If I had more time I would write you a shorter letter.’ The authors of these books worked to write a shorter book in order to save you time!

Sections include:
• What are criteria and why do we set them?
• A four-step process for setting criteria with students
• Scenarios for setting criteria with students
• Shifting to criteria-based assessment
• Ten ways to give specific feedback
• Questions and responses

Includes reproducibles for teachers to adapt for their own use in schools and classrooms.
Download 3 free reproducibles from Setting and Using Criteria, 2nd Edition:

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Learning to Co-Construct Criteria with Students


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