Professional Learning Support Collection Topics 1 - 3

Topics 1 - 3

Developing Engaged & Expert Learners

with Anne Davies & Sandra Herbst

Anne Davies and Sandra Herbst, working with a professional videographer, have produced three high-quality, focussed, and engaging videos in the Professional Learning Support Collection. Each of the three topics gives you everything you need to run quality professional development sessions: ~ A learning guide ~ The voice of experts ~ Classroom video clips ~ Time to reflect and process ~ Ways to extend the learning

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Topic 1 - Engaging Learners in Co-Constructing Criteria for Success

What counts? Students often ask us what counts. Learn about a process of co-constructing criteria that leads to increased learning and engagement. Video examples of classrooms in action will be used to illustrate key ideas.(click for more information)

Secondary Teachers - 25:34 minutes | Secondary Leaders - 42:12 minutes
Elementary Teachers - 32:48 minutes | Elementary Leaders - 49:26 minutes

Topic 2 - Inquiry, Engagement, and Success: Goal Setting that Energizes Learning

Building on co-constructing criteria and strategies for engaging students in self- and peer assessment, this session will focus on goal setting that really works with learners in all classrooms and, in particular, in inquiry-based classrooms.(click for more information)

Secondary Teachers - 28:27 minutes | Secondary Leaders - 38:37 minutes
Elementary Teachers - 35:13 minutes | Elementary Leaders - 45:23 minutes

Topic 3 - Reaching Student Success and Engagement through Powerful Feedback

Research says the best feedback is specific and descriptive but how can a busy teacher provide enough? Learn ways to give feedback without marks or grades while still providing the kind of information students (and their parents) need. (click for more information)

Secondary Teachers - 21:25 minutes | Secondary Leaders - 35:11 minutes
Elementary Teachers - 24:42 minutes | Elementary Leaders - 38:28 minutes

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