Toubleshooting Tips

Occasionally some people may encounter issues when accessing web content. Here are a few things you can check before seeking technical assistance:

  • Sometimes old pages can get stored in your browser’s cache and show up even though the page has been updated. It is a good practice to clear your browser history of stored cache and cookies before beginning your session. For instructions on how to do this in the most commonly-used browsers go to this page: How to clear cache and cookies from my browser.
  • Sometimes web pages display differently in different browsers. We try to design for cross-browser compatibility but this is not always possible to achieve perfectly. Our pages display best in Chrome.
  • When logging into your account, it is sometimes best to copy/paste your username and password, however, make sure that you don’t accidentally copy a blank space along with the digits.
  • Make sure that you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Here is a link to the free download: (Hint: make sure to uncheck any “Optional Offer” included with the download.)

Still experiencing difficulties? You can connect to our tech support for help: